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ABOUT ReadMe International Ltd.


We are committed to deliver the very latest business knowledge to our clients. Our services encourage the quality of learning, empower clients to deepen their knowledge and engage them in the learning process. Furthermore, developing their skills and enhance their career potential. We additionally provide unrestricted access to our Knowledge Resources Centre that offers a variety of management tools, book reviews, insights that unpack the latest industry news and features written by leading business professionals


We are committed to broaden learning and development by hosting individuals and organizations from various sectors, demographics and cultures. As a multicultural organization with a global client base, we welcome informed perspectives from our clients as from our suppliers and partners. We take into consideration the cultural requirements of our clients and ensure that our services are served with highest respect and ethics.


We aim to provide quality – driven services and exceptional customers care. Our commitment to deliver training and development to excellence level is seen in the accomplishments of our esteemed Centre, as of our notable accreditations and affiliations. And in our provision of thoughtful services which can be applied to the changing marketplace. We insist on our clients for feedback reviews in order to improve and continuously try to achieve the higher standards of excellence.


We are determined to be innovative and creative in all that we do. Our services encourage clients to think outside the box, find new business opportunities and have forward thinking visions and strategies. By providing tailored solutions for clients, we look at a problem from multiple perspectives to ensure our solutions are dynamic, impactful and appropriate for our client’s needs. Our commitment to encourage a culture of creativity and innovation has enabled us to empower individuals and organizations toward greater heights.

“We are the trusted partner of choice for learning and performance professionals worldwide.”

ReadMe International Ltd. is an international training management firm. We operate almost in 25 countries and have more than 10 people working in member firms around the world.
ReadMe International provides a one-stop-service for the implementation of the overseas training component of development projects. ReadMe International was established in 2015 and formally incorporated in 2021 and its global training management operation extends to over 50 countries. 


Every workforce is diverse, and so are their learning needs. ReadMe International Ltd. is an intuitive, cloud-based learning management system that streamlines training across your organization, enabling faster and better learning experiences. A Training Management System is a system used to organise training delivery, curriculums, student records and course communication.


Prepare and present with confidence; engage your audience and get your message across. Intelligent Dialogue develops the skills and confidence for any potential presenter to any audience. We work with real presentations that participants will make.
ReadMe International Ltd. has over a long period. ReadMe International Ltd. managed all the international barriers for training and made good land for training cum study-visit, symposium, conference in abroad   



Assist in participation of international Training, seminar, workshop and symposium. We organize all logistical arrangement to assist in attendance of such programs. You are welcome to visit us to know when and where such programs are held and how to enrol.


Learning Solutions

ReadMe International is a non-profit organization that supports world class, customized workplace education and training. Our focus is building capacity from within.


Globally ReadMe International Ltd. has some 15 staff ranging
from subject specialists, training management specialists, financial and logistics experts and training service staff.


ReadMe International Ltd. has highly experienced and well-trained full time staff.
They have requisite skills and competency to deal with training related activities
starting from needs analysis to implement training programs. Over the years they
have developed necessary interpersonal, problem solving and managerial skills to run the organization with utmost dedication & responsibilities which earned them international fame. A key part of their duties include securing and implementing training programs as per the technical & financial criteria of clients
As a specialised international training management firm,
ReadMe International Ltd. range of services focus on providing a
tailor-made solution to the training needs of its clients.

We will assist and provide (Project initial stage)-

All type of documentation i.e. training topic selection, develop training objective / module / sample itinerary.
Selection of anticipated institute/university/country and full correspondence with them.
Other type of documentation i.e. in house govt. department / age cies file ote, AG’s letter, develop e t part ers (WB, ADB, Multilateral donors) NOC letter etc.
Provide completion/analytical report. Our responsibility does not end with completion of a program in overseas countries; we are prepared to go the extra mile in terms of post evaluation, reporting.

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